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Remember George Bush? That miserable failure of a president? Remember at the start of the Iraq War? How he didn’t have a plan? How the UN and the Democratic Party bashed him for his supposed unpreparedness? Well that dude’s my hero. He’s like a freaking god to me. Now consider our current president. The one who refused to back the dissenters in either China or Iran. Hell, the Nobel Commission has more gonads than that dude. Now, after increasing pressure, both from abroad and at home, he finally decides to request UN permission to intervene in Libya. This is what gets me, though. The stunning hypocrisy that is so manifest in the handling of, on the one hand, a guy who sat on his hands for a few weeks, filling out his bracket for college basketball, and then one day, finally breaks under the pressure of pretty much everyone and asks permission to get serious with Libya.

Some background might be handy here. Libya is a former terrorist hot bed that’s receded into obscurity. They have the fighting capabilities of Lichtenstein, minus any allies. Libya is Africa’s North Korea. Only with less ability to realize its nuclear ambitions.  The nations only claim to fame is a nastily repressive government headed by certified nutcase Muamar Qaddafi.

George Bush, too, was fighting a repressive madman. Only this guy, Saddam Hussein, was about a hundred times worse. He at one point possessed an impressively large arsenal of chemical and biological WMDs, which are currently unaccounted for (although probably destroyed). Iraq also had a relatively successful nuclear program for some time before Israel destroyed it. Hussein and his government were active supporters for Al-Qaeda, and were actively harboring Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi affiliates. Hussein’s other occupations at the time were killing Kurds and raping, torturing, and murdering his subjects.

And yet, despite the rather large body evidence that this guy was not really cooperating with weapons inspectors, was still butchering his people, had more than a few close associations with Al-Qaeda, and had mysteriously misplaced a large number of biological and chemical weapons, Bush was blocked by the UN. Despite the careful crafting of the invasion over the six months before the war, he was rebuked for his lack of a plan. Now expressing support for George W. Bush is tantamount with announcing your intent to reestablish the Confederate States of America.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I fully support the Libyan intervention. I also fully support the war in Iraq. I understand that there are other reasons Bush is disliked. What I cannot understand, though, is the stunning and ever-apparent hypocrisy of the UN and the American Left. I can hardly believe that they’ve all forgotten. Where is Obama’s “plan?” The double standard for Bush versus Obama (and indeed for Republicans versus Democrats in general) is appalling and needs to be recognized.

/End rant.


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Okay, so my current obsession is, you guessed it, conspiracy theories. Their crazy, their ridiculous, and boy are they fun. This one probably won’t last long; it’s mostly a result of me going stir crazy during break. Nevertheless, were gonna have fun with this while it lasts. I promise you…well, I can’t promise anything, but just a heads up. We’re all in for a wild ride.

In other news, I’m gonna be seeing Battle LA soon. Might be able to get a review up on. Only time will tell.

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"I am Maximus!"

Lets start of with a recent one. Just watched Gladiator last night. An enjoyable film, although the end was a bit stupid. Zimmer’s beautiful soundtrack, however, was just awesome. Nobody can beat the guy when it comes to eliciting emotion from his audience. Beautiful stuff. A good film, and one who’s many good (and bad) features I wish to take proper time to write about. As that’s not available to me at the moment, I’ll just leave this with you.

Spoilers ahead!

Gladiator relates the story of the Roman general Maximus. After he refuses to put his support behind the usurping Roman emperor, Commodus, he is condemned to death and his family is murdered. He escapes death, but becomes an enslaved gladiator. Originally fighting in a small stadium in the boonies of the Roman Empire. His skill in fighting eventually bring him to the Colosseum in Rome, where he seeks to avenge his family. The movie culminates in the death of the emperor and the mortal wounding of Maximus.

The movie was a good one, with a stellar Russel Crowe as Maximus, pitted against the intensely creepy Commodus, as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.  The fight scenes were all exciting, and better yet, the were exceedingly plentiful. The only battle that failed to set the heart racing was the final duel between Maximus and Commodus, which was, simply put, boring. The story was very well done, excluding the romantic subplot involving Lucilla (Commodus’s sister, played by Conny Nielsen). With Crowe’s wife and child was done, the director felt the need to shoehorn in some sort of romance, which was entirely regrettable as more fight scenes could’ve been shoehorned in instead. As is often the case in Hollywood, we got some boring, undeveloped pseudo-romance that was entirely forgettable in lieu of some unforgettably epic battles. A shame, but still worth the time.

Gladiator is a decent film, and probably one of the defining films of the decade. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. Also a must-see for every young man.

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Okay, so I’ve decided to devote this blog to films, just because that’s become my new passion. have fun.


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Okay, so I know no one is ever going to read this, but I still wanna get this off my chest. This blog is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a journal. As you can see, I’m not very good at keeping journals. Sorry about that. Quite frankly, though, it doesn’t matter. I write for myself, and if my audience likes it, than that’s fine. If not, they can leave, or rant about it, or whatever. I really don’t care.

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I don’t know how many of you know about the tech blog Gizmodo.

I do. I used to love Gizmodo. No more. They used to make posts about tech, tech culture, and various happenings that pertained to tech and geek culture. But over the years, they expanded their reach. As I recall, this started with the green movement. Hey, green tech is cool. I got that. But then they started dabbling in places where they had no place. Politics, specifically. That set me off. I started making comments, pointing out their bias. So did a lot of people. Gizmodo responded with this. If you follow the link, you will read what is basically one giant bird to any and all dissenters in the comments section.

Maybe a little background would help here. You see, I’m a very conservative and Republican Catholic. So you could probably understand how I would be a dissenter in this environment.

Incidentally, there was another post that night. This one. If you look in the comments section, you’ll find a comment by someone named “SodaJerk”. That’s me. You may also notice that there is no comment there, but a message reading “Scott Kidder moved this thread to #intolerance.” Yep, they moved a comment reading “Sad…so sad.” to the #intolerance thread. You see, apparently it was so vilely intolerant to lament this unholy union (literally) that they not only removed my comment, but also banned me from commenting on Gizmodo at all for violating the Gawker Community Policy. Presumably, what I did wrong was “disparage social…groups.” Not that it says that this will result in your getting banned.

It doesn’t really matter, to be honest. Gizmodo, this is a declaration of war, from me to you. You are the last in a long list of websites that I have observed stifling the dissent its of members. You are the first to do it to me. And I can promise that you will pay.

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I am fully aware that a minuscule portion of the world will ever read this blog. I don’t care. I’m going to be completely honest with you. I didn’t make this blog for others to read. I made it as a dumping ground, a sort of virtual vent for all my emotions, my little thoughts, everything. That’s all it is, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all it ever should be. Anyway, I digress. Welcome to burningquestions, a blog by fireinthenight.

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