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"I am Maximus!"

Lets start of with a recent one. Just watched Gladiator last night. An enjoyable film, although the end was a bit stupid. Zimmer’s beautiful soundtrack, however, was just awesome. Nobody can beat the guy when it comes to eliciting emotion from his audience. Beautiful stuff. A good film, and one who’s many good (and bad) features I wish to take proper time to write about. As that’s not available to me at the moment, I’ll just leave this with you.

Spoilers ahead!

Gladiator relates the story of the Roman general Maximus. After he refuses to put his support behind the usurping Roman emperor, Commodus, he is condemned to death and his family is murdered. He escapes death, but becomes an enslaved gladiator. Originally fighting in a small stadium in the boonies of the Roman Empire. His skill in fighting eventually bring him to the Colosseum in Rome, where he seeks to avenge his family. The movie culminates in the death of the emperor and the mortal wounding of Maximus.

The movie was a good one, with a stellar Russel Crowe as Maximus, pitted against the intensely creepy Commodus, as portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.  The fight scenes were all exciting, and better yet, the were exceedingly plentiful. The only battle that failed to set the heart racing was the final duel between Maximus and Commodus, which was, simply put, boring. The story was very well done, excluding the romantic subplot involving Lucilla (Commodus’s sister, played by Conny Nielsen). With Crowe’s wife and child was done, the director felt the need to shoehorn in some sort of romance, which was entirely regrettable as more fight scenes could’ve been shoehorned in instead. As is often the case in Hollywood, we got some boring, undeveloped pseudo-romance that was entirely forgettable in lieu of some unforgettably epic battles. A shame, but still worth the time.

Gladiator is a decent film, and probably one of the defining films of the decade. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. Also a must-see for every young man.


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