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I don’t know how many of you know about the tech blog Gizmodo.

I do. I used to love Gizmodo. No more. They used to make posts about tech, tech culture, and various happenings that pertained to tech and geek culture. But over the years, they expanded their reach. As I recall, this started with the green movement. Hey, green tech is cool. I got that. But then they started dabbling in places where they had no place. Politics, specifically. That set me off. I started making comments, pointing out their bias. So did a lot of people. Gizmodo responded with this. If you follow the link, you will read what is basically one giant bird to any and all dissenters in the comments section.

Maybe a little background would help here. You see, I’m a very conservative and Republican Catholic. So you could probably understand how I would be a dissenter in this environment.

Incidentally, there was another post that night. This one. If you look in the comments section, you’ll find a comment by someone named “SodaJerk”. That’s me. You may also notice that there is no comment there, but a message reading “Scott Kidder moved this thread to #intolerance.” Yep, they moved a comment reading “Sad…so sad.” to the #intolerance thread. You see, apparently it was so vilely intolerant to lament this unholy union (literally) that they not only removed my comment, but also banned me from commenting on Gizmodo at all for violating the Gawker Community Policy. Presumably, what I did wrong was “disparage social…groups.” Not that it says that this will result in your getting banned.

It doesn’t really matter, to be honest. Gizmodo, this is a declaration of war, from me to you. You are the last in a long list of websites that I have observed stifling the dissent its of members. You are the first to do it to me. And I can promise that you will pay.


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